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Meer informatie over Tipico Live Casino

Tipico also offers you an online casino in addition to its comprehensive range of sport betting. In particular, the Live Casino uses constant innovation to regularly set new standards and it stands for fun and entertainment of the highest level. Live Casino lets players try their luck with traditional casino games such as Black Jack, Baccarat or Roulette around the clock. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of live table games and in doing so make use of live video streaming and the option of chatting with real croupiers and fellow players.

You will now get a short introduction to the rules for the traditional casino games of Roulette, Back Jack and Baccarat that you can find in our Live Casino.

Roulette: In Roulette, bets are placed on the outcome of a ball dropping into a wheel. The wheel has 37 numbers from 1-36 and also 0. The zero is the only number on green, with the remaining 36 numbers split between red and black. In Roulette, payment is made according to the probability of winning and is done as if the zero were not available. Getting the correct number therefore only gives a 36-times win, although the probability is 1:37.

Black Jack:The aim of the game is to get nearer to the score of 21 than the croupier, without getting more than 21. Here, Aces count as either one or eleven as desired. Picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) are all worth ten and the remaining cards the face value. Black Jack refers to the combination of the first two cards giving 21 together, so an Ace together with any picture card or a ten.

Baccarat:Baccarat is a card game where the player only has to select from three outcomes. Here, the player bets on the bank, himself or a tie. Before the game starts the players must place stakes on the banker or the player. When all stakes are on the table, the game begins with the croupier dealing two cards each to the player and the bank. As soon as the second card has been dealt, a decision is made as to how the round continues. If the player has a hand of five or less and the dealer has a hand worth between zero and seven, the player is dealt a further card. Where the players hand is worth more than five, then the third and final card is not drawn. According to the rules of Baccarat, the banker only receives a third card if the value of his hand is two or less. If the dealers hand is worth less than seven, without being zero, one or two, then the value of the players hand is determined based on a set mathematical table. Further information about the rules of Baccarat and all other games can be found at:https://www.tipico.com/casino2/allGameRules.faces

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