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Tipico is subject to the strictest guidelines of the Belgian Gaming Commission. Its remit is to assign licenses for the operation of betting companies and to regulate the Belgian betting market. One of its main goals is to protect the market from unfair and illegal betting.


Being a provider of sports betting services requires particularly sensitive handling of all information relevant for the business such as customer data and game contents. In 2012 Tipico’s data protection made a quantum leap with the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in close collaboration with and permanent assistance of TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH. Tipico’s ISMS complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and is continuously assessed, monitored and where required improved.

As a result of checks by auditors of TÜV Rheinland the much sought-after TÜV-certificate was awarded on August 28, 2012. Therefore, we provide a high level of data protection and security according to international standards of ISO 27001. This makes it possible to confirm the trust placed in us by our customers.

To make sure the game stays a game

Betting and casino are undoubtedly exciting fun and amusing. It is however important to remember that the games you play should be a positive form of entertainment. Some people however find it difficult to keep bets and stakes at responsible levels and unfortunately what starts off as a game becomes an addiction. At Tipico we go out of our way to avoid such mishaps and continually encourage to play responsibly. In the unfortunate event of you or someone close to you developing an unhealthy addiction to gaming we ask you to contact our free help line where you will have access to live online advice, group therapy, a forum and email advice upon request.

Tipico supports FIFA's Early Warning System.

Tipico supports the Early Warning System (EWS) put in place by the world football association FIFA. Through this early warning system, anything suspicious, such as excessively high bets, will be reported to the FIFA not matter which match is involved. The EWS experts are monitoring the world betting market and are in contact with the investigative authorities in order to keep the sport clean.


The German Betting Association (DSWV) is the association of leading German and European sports betting companies with Tipico as one of its founding members. It advocates a modern and competitive regulation of sports betting in Germany. These include clear and legally binding rules for suppliers and consumers. Equally important is the promotion of effective measures for player protection and to safeguard the integrity of sports.

Age of Consent

Tipico has a very strict policy of not accepting customers under the age of 18. ID documents are required to confirm that potential customers are over the age of consent. Tipico is legally obliged to cancel bets placed and potential winnings for people under 18 and to pass on their credit balance to the regulating authorities.

Safe Data

At Tipico we put customer security as our number one priority. All of our customer data is encrypted and protected through SSL, which provides our players with the highest security available online. We are committed to maintain the privacy and security of the personal information of all the visitors to this website.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tipico, board and employees consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be an integral part of the company philosophy. CSR describes the voluntary contribution of companies to a holistic, sustainable development, which goes beyond the legal requirements (compliance). We are constantly striving to fill this concept with life. Our motto is: Tipico Cares!
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