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Who is Tipico?

Tipico is one of the oldest company offering  Sportsbetting and Horseracing on the German Market and market leader of betting shops in Germany.  Since 2004 Tipico offers Sportsbetting and Casino in german and englishspeaking countries and expanded its offer in the last years. As Tipico has a lot of experience working together with their partners in the Shop business, therefore becoming part of Tipicos Affiliateprogramme means excellent and fair service. Convince yourself and register now.
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How can I sign up as an Affiliate?

Go to the Startpage of the Affiliatesprogramme and click on Register an account.
Once you agreed to our Terms and Conditions, we will approve your request within the following days and send you an e-mail when we approved your account.
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Do I have any cost being a Tipico Affiliate?

No, you won´t have any cost working as a Tipico Affiliate

Can I register more than one website?

Yes, you can add  as many websites under your account as you want. Go to site administration and you can always add or delete Websites.


How much commission do I earn as a Tipico Affiliate?

Every Affiliate earns a 25% commission and a Bonus (each Quarter) up to 35%. The commission is paid for every customer who is transferred to Tipico from your sites. You won´t carry over any negative balances, so your Account starts every month from 0. For more information regarding the Quarterly Bonus, please read the next paragraph.

What is the Quarterly Bonus and how is it calculated?

Each Quarter you will receive a  35% Bonus on your net revenue over the whole Quarter. Commissions already paid to the Affiliate will be deducted.
Bonus= net revenue (Quarterly)x 35% -Paid commissions


Affiliate A:

Net win (January): 1000€x25%=250€
Net win(February): 2000€x25%= 500€
Net win (March): 1000€x25%=250€

Bonus: 4000€x35% -1000€=400€
Your commission in this example is 35%

Affiliate B:

Net win (January): 10000€x25%=2500€
Net win (February): -1000€x25%= 0€
Net win(March): 10000€x25%=2500€

Bonus: 19000€ x35% - 5000€= 1650€
Your commission in this example is 33,25%

Do I get commission only on Sportsbook?

As long as we don´t agree on different terms you will get a percentage of the net revenue obtained from the customer over all of Tipicos products. If a customer referred form your site plays Tipico Casino you will get a share as well.

Is there a minimum amount before I can withdraw my money?

There is no minimum amount but commissions up to 20€ will forfeit.

Which methods can I use to withdraw my money?

Your affiliate account will have the same functions as customer account. That means you can withdraw your money via bank transfer, Moneybookers or if you like Sportsbetting you are even able to place bets with your commissions.

What statistics are available?

You can see all the relevant data in your monthly overview. These include Clicks, new registrations, deposits, gross winnings, net revenue. Statistics are available for each product and both products combined.

How often does Tipico update the statistics?

All data is reported live, so you can always see exactly what is happening on your sites. The only field which is not updated live is write offs as they include Chargebacks which occur later.

I can´t find the right banner size. What can I do?

You can find all standard banner sizes under links and banners. If you can´t find the size you need for your webspace please write us a mail at including the banner size you need and we will try to produce the right banner for you.

How do I put Banner and Links on my website?

Go to Links& Banner, choose the Bannersize or Textlink you  need , copy the code beneath the Banner or Textlink and fit it in your website.


How does Tipico track Clickrs, Registrations etc.?

Tipico allocates each website you register under your account a unique Affiliate ID. Each banner and Textlink in our Banner gallery has a code with your Affiliate ID. The moment you paste the code onto your website, each visitor who clicks the link or the banner will be tracked to your account. We offer you as well a cookie lifetime of 30 days which means that a customer once he clicked on a banner or link on your site will still be credited to your account even if he registers 30 days later.

Can I use Tipicos Logo on my page?

You can use the name and logo of Tipico on your site, but Tipico doesn´t permit any form of deformation of Logo and Banner. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Where can I change personal details?

You can change your personal information in the Menu at "Personal details" at any time. If you want to add new sites or delete old ones you are able to do so in the menu "Site administration".  The menu "My Account" inlcudes all your personal transactions e.g. Withdrawals, Settled bets etc.
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